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Story-Listening is a Necessary Skill

The storytelling process involves three components involving every participant:

  1. the story
  2. the telling of the story
  3. the listening to the story.

The telling is not limited to the person speaking, nor is the listening only for the audience.

Everyone is involved in all three. The teller must pay attention or "listen" to the audience and the audience is always communicating with the teller (nonverbal communication).

So "story-listening" is a necessary skill.

Using the Story-Listening Tool Beyond Storytelling

For Decision Making

The story-listening tool gives you access to more information by widening the attention to include more subtle multi-sensory observations. Welcome input from all directions.

For Creative Flow

Open up all creative channels to make way for new ideas and answers to questions. Be surprised by what comes to you, like someone is whispering in your ear.

For Social Fitness

Use story-listening to know the right thing to say in tricky or complicated social situations. Set clear intentions, notice certain "tells" and then respond rather than react.

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Short Video Lessons with David

Each part of the listening tool is unpacked with an introduction and two simple practices. Some of the benefits of the tool include:

  1. Setting clear intentions before you begin.
  2. Noticing important clues that others miss.
  3. Honoring the importance of "gut instinct".
  4. Noticing when something new emerges.