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Restorative Storytelling Monthly Membership

Each monthly membership option gives storytellers access to the RS curriculum and daily practices to keep fit and steadily improve your telling and ability to pay attention. The community and professional membership each add more options for interaction and customized training.

The Full Curriculum

This gives members access to all three levels of restorative storytelling training as well as adjust lessons from professionals, and specialized storytelling tools.

Group Practice

This gives members not only everything offered in the Content Membership but regular opportunities to practice with other storytellers, focusing on a variety of applications.

Customized Training

This gives everything offered in both the Content and Community membership and adds one-one-one time with David and other teachers, as well as the chance to be certified.

Purchase Individual Courses and Training Programs

With each product, storytellers can hone particular skills and build new capacities. The Restorative Storytelling curriculum can also be purchased as a downloadable training.

Restorative Storytelling

The training is comprised of three levels that can each be purchased separately: Level One for the Storyteller, Level Two for Telling the Story, and Level Three for Attending to the Listener.

Twelve Tools

Each tool can be purchased for an ala-cart personal and professional training. Video lessons and PDF workbooks provide the curriculum and practice suggestions to strengthen skills.

Specific Training

Skill-building tutorials can be purchased that target specific nonverbal, vocal and content-creation practices that are a part of everyone's daily life.