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JB's Dry Gables

Our story series based in The Enneagram

J.B. Bauer, celebrated author, builder and stoneworker, lives a life that is familiar to most of us: one that is at times sweet and sour, at times full of hope or worry, with moments of achievement as well as loss - but one thing J.B. has that most of us do not, is that he was born and raised in Dry Gables, South Dakota. This privilege he shares through regular stories of the remarkable people who lived there, and the powerful lessons he learned.  

The Enneagram

The word Enneagram comes from the Greek words ennea meaning “nine”, and gramma, meaning “written”. It is an ancient, sacred geometric figure, which represents nine personality types and their complex interweaving. The Enneagram is a paradigm of human personality and inner development. It is far more than a theoretical system, however. It is a practical model of knowledge to help us to know ourselves and to improve our relationships.

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